Project type:
New build residential.

Project details:

The DOGBOX was designed and built by Ben Mitchell-Anyon, Sally Ogle, and Tim Gittos (now of Spacecraft Architects).

The design of the DOGBOX was directly influenced by 4 rusty trusses we bought off Trademe, and a small (but very sunny) area of flat ground at the top of a steep section.
The number and dimensions of the trusses defined the overall width and shape of the roof. The house is two stories, with half of the area under the roof being interior space (88 sqm) and half exterior. The exterior half serves as circulation, and includes outdoor rooms which are semi-enclosed by moveable screens.
The lower floor has a poured insitu concrete wall along the back, working both as thermal mass and as a retaining wall to the steep bank behind. This level contains the laundry, kitchen and living areas, and large sliding doors open out onto the garden and the wharf deck.
The upper floor is much lighter in comparison, with plywood lined timber framed walls supporting the steel trusses, which though incredibly heavy are visually light. Twinwall polycarbonate panels separate the rooms and allow for soft high level light.
The house is well insulated, double glazed, and has a Tiny-Rad woodburner for heating the space and hot water.

Construction of the DOGBOX was completed in December 2012.

Photos of the construction process can be viewed at www.patchworkarchitecture.tumblr.com

Project type:
Residential Alteration

Project details:
This project involved internal alterations to an existing bungalow in New Plymouth.
The existing laundry and back porch in the north western corner of the house were relocated, allowing this sunny space to be opened up, as part of an open plan kitchen and dining area with access to the backyard and deck.
The kitchen has been upgraded on a tight budget - utilising standard Mitre 10 cabinetry carcasses and hardware with custom-made plywood drawer and door fronts. Cut outs eliminate the need for handles.

Construction completed May 2015

Project type:
Residential Addition/Alteration

Project details:
This project added a new ground floor level to an existing Wellington bungalow. The upper floor was reconfigured to allow for sun in the living spaces - something that had been lacking prior to this renovation, despite it being a very sunny site.
Folded aluminium balustrade panels provide the decks with shelter from the wind and privacy from neighbours.
The planning allows for this family home to be easily converted into two flats if the owners want to downsize when the kids leave home.

Construction completed October 2014.

Shayne Plunkett Building Contractor Ltd
Dunning Thornton Consultants

Project type:
New build residential - currently under construction.

Project details:
Our next in-house project!
A leftover sliver of Wellington hillside, covered in a selection of native trees, and surrounded on all sides by neighbours. A crumbling garage sits on the street front, with a path sneaking alongside, up (and up and up) to the site proper.
The combination of hillside and sunlight access planes present a small window of opportunity. The house, an obtuse 'L' in plan, nestles into the hill, with a concrete retaining wall to the back.
The extremities of the 'L' are the lowest points of the form. The roof springs upwards from there, allowing for a second (and almost third) floor as it rises. The living spaces created under this slope move from cosy to voluminous, with a mezzanine study perched vertiginously at the top.
A deck runs through the house, providing sheltered outdoor spaces no matter which way Wellingtonʼs wind is blowing. This promenade terminates at a sunken courtyard to the west of the house, complete with built in fire.

Builders: Dorset Construction (with assistance from Patch Work Architecture).

Project type:
Residential Addition / Alteration

Project details:

Kitchen extension to a villa on a narrow section in Mount Victoria, Wellington. Small garden alcoves have been included to provide light to the existing living areas and to help define the break between the villa and the extension.

Construction completed late 2014 - photos coming soon!

Project type:
New Residential

Project details:
This new house was designed for a Wellington family of four at the rear of their existing house. The new house is perched at the edge of a steep bank facing west. The site basks in all day sun but is also buffeted by both the Southerly and Northerly. Outside spaces are located to the more sheltered eastern side of the house and well connected to the existing lawn level. Symmetrical in plan the house makes the most of the stunning views to the South - over Cook Strait, and to the North - back towards the city.

Construction completed 2014.